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Email Enforcing Parenting Time at School/Daycare


First and foremost let me apologize for having to involve the school into personal matters such as these but due to recent actions and to avoid any situations for the child, myself or the school, I feel compelled to inform the school of child's name custody and parenting time schedule.

Name of Mom, childs name mother and I are separated and have shared legal and residential custody of child name and court ordered parenting time. While I will summarize the parenting time below, the entire court order dated .... is attached to this email for your files.

Dad, Full Name, parenting time is......

Mom, Full Name, parenting time is.....

For clarity purposes, this scheduled applied to the next few weeks would be as follows:


Day/Week Mom: Day/Week

I have also attached a calendar for your reference

As such neither mom nor myself nor anyone else shall pick up the child name from school during the other parent's parenting time without the explicit prior notice and consent from the other parent.

To be crystal clear and avoid any confusion, as of this email, I specifically am consenting for {names} to be allowed to pick up child name during my parenting time. No one else, including Mom name, is not allowed to pick up child name on my court ordered time.

Again, apologies for such an email and uncomfortable situation but at this point I have no other choice.

Child's mom name is cc'd on this email so if you wouldnt mind confirming receipt and acknowledgment of this email I would appreciate it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns

Thank you


Pro Se Dad is not a law firm or attorneys. Pro Se Dad is simply dads who won custody Pro Se and are trying to help other dads on that journey by sharing their experience and suggestions. Any advice given should not be considered legal advice.

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